Words with Passion Spoken to the Heart of the Matter

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Topics and Speeches

Speakers With Spark has several presentations and trainings that are ready to go whenever you are.  We also provide custom training/presentations for business, schools, and community organizations.  It is our desire to deliver what your organization needs and what would be most beneficial to them.  Browse through our many topics, but rest assured that we will work with you to create an event to remember!


It Is What It IS!

Shaking off Bad Hair Days

Get on the Peace Train!

Letting Go…Free Falling

Life is a Gift, Open Your Present

Creating Your Life Plan

Be a PPP! Purpose Passionate Person

Uncovering Yourself

Staging Your Life for Success

Adapting to Change

Power of Encouragement

Going Green in your Every Day Life
Call It All Joy!
Look Beyond the Moment
Strength for the Fragile Heart
Claim Your Honor


Sales Development

Network Like Mad

Closing the Deal

Sales 101

Building a Pipeline

Identifying your Prospect & Communicating with Different Personalities



Train the Trainers

Delivering Dynamite Presentations

Are You Managing or Training?



Trade Show Training

Finding FREE advertising

Social Media

The Adventures of Creative Problem-Solving

Personal Development

Building my Life Plan

Finding Peace in Everyday Life

Stress or No Stress, that is the Question

Getting Organized to face the world

No one Steals my JOY!


Your Personality Type, Wow that Explains It! 
Journaling Through The Valley

Public Speaking

Group Dynamics

Having Fun, Forgetting Fear

Butterflies No More


Igniting Passion

Yikes!  Who are these people?

Taken over by Millenials, Oh my!

Be a Leadership Guru

So You’re the Big Cheese!


Board Development

Strategic Visioning

How do you decide to decide?

Building a Better Board

Selecting the Best Board Member


Warehousing, Logistics & Supply Chain

Order Picking 101

Fundamentals of Warehousing

Operational Efficiencies finding the Golden Nuggets

How to Choose the right software?

Implementing Successfully

Latest Trends in Supply Chain

Lessons Learned in Warehouse Operations

KPI Implentation

Outsourcing To do or Not To Do

Developing ROI Analysis


I Hurt, We Hurt

Talk to Me

Playing the Blame Game

Connecting & Communicating

Speak my Language Please

Understanding & Communicating with Women - For Men Only

Plug N to Success Now - For Women Only


Finding Independence

The Money Pit Rescue


Business Visioning



Change Management

Avoiding Meetingitis?

Visioning Success

Today’s Business Etiquette



Community Development



Customer Service

WOW The Customer



How do you decide to decide?

Managing a Volunteer Board

Appreciative Assessment


Real Estate

Sustainable Living
Living Green
Eco Friendly Steps for your Home



Web Sites


Social Media

Communication/listening Skills

Presentation Techniques

How to Develop a Workshop

Meeting Management

How To Sell So They Will BUY

Adult Learning & Sales

Marketing Tips & Tricks

How to Build a Team with Partners

Network Marketing

Volunteer Networking

Needs Assessment/Forecasting

Volunteer Motivation

Using Community Resources


Social Media


Affiliate Links

Web Hosting Companies