Words with Passion Spoken to the Heart of the Matter

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"Be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Ghandi

Are you an event planner that is trying to find a quality speaker for your next event?

Speakers with Spark can help!  As the organizer of a conference, seminar or someone that is trying to rally individuals to a common goal, Speakers With Spark can provide you with motivation, inspiration, common sense or just plain fun!

Susan Rider and Sheila O'Mara believe that audiences should be inspired, not bored! They search to find speakers that will ignite passion and positive change for their clients. Filled with energy and passion, Susan and Sheila deliver powerful presentations and
make sure that the speakers with Speakers With Spark do the same.
Once you feel their "spark", you will not have to look for quality speakers anywhere else.
Speakers with Spark will not disappoint!

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